Argyll and Bute

Visiting our offices and contacting your solicitor

Please see our update for full details on how we are delivering our services.

Do you live in Argyll or Bute? Are you eligible for legal aid? Do you have a legal problem that falls within one of our case types?

If you have answered yes to these questions, we may be able to help you. Contact us to discuss your legal issue and we will assess if we are able to take your case.

Please note that Argyll and Bute is covered by solicitors working from our Edinburgh office with frequent visits to the area.

Areas of work

Contact CLAO Argyll and Bute to find out if we can help you with cases relating to:

  • Housing and homelessness
  • Some types of  debt, money and welfare benefits issues where the input of our solicitor casework services can be most effective
  • Child Protection and children’s hearings
  • Some types of family law that involve an element of public law – we can help identify that
  • Mental health, adults with incapacity, vulnerable adult and adult protection cases.

How do I know if I can use the CLAO Argyll and Bute service?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you can contact CLAO Argyll and Bute for help:

  • I live in Argyll and Bute
  • I have a civil legal problem (a legal problem that is not to do with the criminal law)
  • I have been told I need a lawyer or I am unsure whether or not I need a lawyer.

How do I contact CLAO Argyll and Bute?

Members of the public can use telephone or email to Contact Us.

0131 240 1960

Please note that CLAO Argyll and Bute does not offer a drop in service. Please contact us by phone or email and we can assess what we can do to assist you.

See more information on accessibility – making it easier to access our services

Information about appointments with a CLAO Argyll and Bute solicitor

If we have advised you that we are considering taking on your case you might be offered an appointment with one of the CLAO solicitors. If you are given an appointment please let us know if you have any mobility problems. We try to be flexible about appointments so if you have any problems attending an appointment you can phone us as soon as possible to try and arrange an alternative. If you fail to attend an appointment without good reason, or rearrange several times without good reason, then we may not be able to assist you any further.

If you are offered an ‘emergency’ appointment, it will be because your legal issue needs urgent action. If you miss an emergency appointment that may mean that it is then too late to do the legal work needed to resolve your problem and a new appointment may not be possible.

You should have any legal paperwork which relates to your case available for the appointment. When coming to a first appointment, you should also provide a form of photographic ID such as a driving licence or passport and proof of your address (for example, bank statement, benefit award letter or utility bill dated within the last three months).

The rules of legal aid mean that we have to check your financial position at the first meeting. You must provide confirmation of any income and capital including any savings or investments. It is important that you provide the financial information as we may not be able to do any work for you until we have seen this. If you are not sure what is needed you can call the office first to check.