Argyll and Bute
Argyll and Bute
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Areas of Work

Contact CLAO Argyll & Bute to find out if we can help you with cases relating to:

  • Housing and homelessness

  • Some types of  debt, money and welfare benefits issues where the input of our solicitor casework services can be most effective

  • Child Protection and children’s hearings

  • Some types of family law that involve an element of public law. We can help identify that.

  • Mental health, adults with incapacity and vulnerable adult & adult protection cases.

Do you live in Argyll or Bute? Are you eligible for legal aid? Do you have a legal problem that falls within one of our case types?

If you have answered yes to these questions, we may be able to help you.

Contact us to discuss your legal issue and we will assess if we are able to take your case.

Please note that Argyll and Bute is covered by solicitors working from our Edinburgh office with frequent visits to the area.

Helping Advisors

We also work with advice agencies operating in the area.

What if you can't take my case?

We may be able to help you identify other options for sorting your problem.