Change to CLAO email addresses

The email address format for CLAO staff and offices has been updated and now ends in

Please update your records to ensure you use the new format addresses.

This change is to simplify our email addresses and bring them in line with the service name. Prior to CLAO, the service was known as ‘Part V’, which led to ‘pvs’ being included in the email address.

The first part of all CLAO email addresses before the ‘@’ remains the same.

So for example, John Smith remains ‘smithjo’ but replaces

CLAO network office emails

Please note, as part of the process to simplify our email addresses, we are changing the office contact emails to be location specific, as follows:

Current Email Address

Change to


Argyll & Bute




Please ensure you use the new format addresses.

Emails sent to are currently being forwarded on to this new account.

If you have any queries, please contact us: