Coronavirus (Covid-19) - impact on our service

Covid-19 is having an effect on us all. Find out about the arrangements we've put in place for contacting our solicitors and the impact this may have on our cases.

During the current health emergency we have to adapt the way that we live and work.

Changes to our service

Due to new government guidance on managing COVID-19, we are:

  • Closing all our offices
  • Stopping our face to face advice services until further notice
  • Suspending the Edinburgh Sheriff Court Helpdesk until further notice with immediate effect
  • Not currently handling incoming or outgoing post. Please use email or telephone. Please re-send by email or call us if we have not acknowledged receipt of something you have posted us in the last few days.

Current clients

Contact your solicitor for advice about what is happening with your case if you are a CLAO client and have a case which is due to call in court, a tribunal or other hearing  – do not just attend court, a tribunal or other hearing without doing so.

You can still speak to your CLAO solicitor by phone or get updates on your case by email.

We are no longer able to accept incoming post or see people in our offices. Please do not write to us by letter or drop into one of our offices.

Help us contact you: To make sure we have your up to date phone number and email address please contact the office dealing with your case by telephone or email as soon as possible.

What if you need to contact us?

If you have any concerns at all about your case, or need advice about something new, then please get in contact with us, we are here to help.

You can still contact us for urgent advice. Advice services can still contact us for support. Contact by email or phone only.  

Our office contact details

We are prioritising the work we need to do for our current clients and providing phone advice on housing and children’s cases.

We will attempt to refer cases to other solicitors where possible.