Are you eligible?
Are you eligible?
Other ways you can try to find a solicitor or adviser
  • We have an information sheet with other organisations or agencies that may be able to help you

  • The Scottish Government's Legal advice and legal aid section also has lots of information in Other sources of help.

The Scottish Government's Guide to Legal Aid explains about the different types of legal aid - advice and assistance and civil legal aid - and how to see if you're eligible.

You can use one of our eligibility estimators to work out if you are likely to qualify financially for advice and assistance or civil legal aid.

How we decide if we can help

We have a fixed number of solicitors working for us. That means we are not able to provide a legal casework service to everyone who asks us to take their case.

We target our services at specific types of work where we can have the biggest impact. We also have a system to ensure that we prioritise cases in a way that allows us to make the best use of the resources we have.  

What happens if we don’t take your case?

Sometimes we will refer or signpost you to other services – including other lawyers, advice agencies and support services. 

We will do this if other services could help you and  we are unable to take your case.

Where we can we will provide information about alternative options for sorting out your problem.

Although we can help identify solicitors most likely to deal with your problem, you should continue to look for advice yourself.

We cannot guarantee that any of the services (including solicitors) will be able to take your case.

Please let us know if you no longer need our help. That will give us more time to help others in need of advice.