Advisory Services
Advisory Services
The services available include:
  • Second-tier legal advice and support to advisors to help them deal with their client’s cases

  • Referral service to help advisors find a more appropriate service provider to refer the client to

  • Casework service where we can undertake client casework direct for eligible clients who are otherwise an unmet legal need

  • Training for advisors and agencies on relevant legal issues

We provide a a range of services to advice agencies within the geographical areas covered by our respective offices. These services are usually available free of charge to the agency.

The services are only available to advice agencies with whom we have an arrangement to provide service, and if you are an advisor, you should check with your service manager if you are unsure whether there are arrangements in place for your agency.

If you have any further queries, please contact the head of office in the CLAO office serving your area.